Terms and Conditions

Arctic Outlaws organises ski expedition & winter camping trips primarily in Sør-Varanger County. You are obliged to read and familiarise yourself with these terms.

1. Arctic Outlaws’ responsibility

1.1. Arctic Outlaws undertakes to carry out the agreed program with itinerary and content in accordance with the description. If unforeseen circumstances nevertheless make it necessary to make changes to the tour, the organiser shall, to a reasonable extent, ensure that the customer is exposed to the least possible inconvenience.
1.2. Arctic Outlaws does not assume responsibility for loss or inconvenience caused by the customer’s own negligence.

2. Customer’s responsibility

2.1. The customer is obliged to familiarise himself with the terms and conditions described.
2.2. The customer is obliged to make sure that he has the prerequisites for participation in the trip. The customer is obliged to inform them about health conditions, illnesses or ailments that may have an impact on their own and others’ safety on the trip.
2.3. The customer is obliged to follow instructions from the guide/tour leader.
2.4. Acceptance of risk. Participating in our tours involves a certain risk of accidents and injuries. By purchasing our services, you accept this risk.
2.5. The customer is recommended to purchase travel insurance. It is recommended to take out insurance which covers the return journey in the event of injury or illness and which also includes cancellation insurance.

3. Booking and payment for Pasvik Valley tours and tailor made tours

3.1. For the 2023 winter season, Arctic Outlaws operate with an ‘open calendar’. This means that customers can book a tour of their choice using their preferred dates. Once such a tour (with minimum 2 participants) has been established, the dates will be shown by the given tour on the ‘Expeditions’ page of this website. Other customers are welcome to join if there is availability and if Arctic Outlaws deems the newcomers a good match for the original customers.
3.2. The booking process for Pasvik Valley tours starts by filling out the inquiry form at our website. When a group of customers desire to join a tour, a representative of the group fills out the inquiry form, acting upon behalf of the group. This individual has to be a minimum of 18 years old and is responsible for communicating the terms and conditions to all in the group, and is also responsible for collecting the relevant required information (e.g. ski/boot sizes and height).
3.3. Before filling out the inquiry form, interested individuals are welcome to contact Arctic Outlaws via email; contact@arctic-outlaws.no, phone; +4529256885, or whatsapp; +5521970716472 for clarifying purposes.
3.4. After a customer has sent in your inquiry form to Arctic Outlaws he/she will receive a package proposal based on your inquiry.
3.5. When both parties are in agreement on the package proposal, Arctic Outlaws will send the customer an invoice with the full amount.
3.6. The invoice must be paid within 7 days. Once payment is registered with Arctic Outlaws the booking is confirmed. Possible transaction costs in connection with payments of tours, changes or refunds are covered by the depositor.
3.7. Tours can normally only be booked no less than 2 (two) weeks ahead of the desired start date. An exception is if a customer will join a tour that is already established. In this case the customer may book right up to the day before the start date. Minimum 2 participants required for a tour to take place.

4. Booking and payment for Kirkenes tours

4.1 The booking and payment process for Kirkenes tours (day-experience and a one-night experience) is in working progress and will be announced when the tours are open to the public.

5. Cancellation, changes, refunds for Pasvik Valley and tailor made tours

5.1. Customers, employees, partners, and equipment will by January 1st, 2023 be covered by liability insurance.
5.2. Arctic Outlaws highly recommend customers to be covered by adequate personal travel- and cancellation insurance valid from when you book the tour.
5.3. For Pasvik Valley tours in case of cancellation more than 60 days before the start date of the tour, the customer pays an administration fee of EUR 40,00 per person. The rest of the paid funds are refunded. In case of cancellation 30-60 days before the start date of the tour, 50% of the paid funds are refunded. Cancellation less than 30 days before the start date of the tour, including no-show, does not result in a refund. A customer withdrawing from an initiated tour or parts of a tour, does not result in a refund.
5.4. Cancellation due to illness; cancellation insurance is not included in the price of the tour. Contact your insurance company for details.
5.5. Cancellation must be done by email. Date/time of cancellation is the date/time of when you sent the email to us.
5.6. If Arctic Outlaws deems it necessary to cancel a trip due to too few participants, the customer will be refunded the entire amount paid.
5.7. Transfer of tour. The customer can transfer the tour to someone else at no extra cost if this new person meets the needed requirements for the particular tour.
5.8. Weather conditions. Tough weather conditions may make it necessary to make changes to a planned tour. If the tour has to be postponed to another day or has to be cancelled at short notice, you can choose between joining a new tour or getting refunded the total amount. Adaptations to a planned itinerary may be necessary, and will not result in refunds. A partial refund can be negotiated with Arctic Outlaws if you accept to join a postponed tour with fewer tour days compared to the originally planned tour.
5.9. Illness/injury of guide. If we are unable to carry out the planned trip as a result of illness or injury to the guide/tour leader, you will be refunded the entire amount paid.
5.10. Force Majeure. In the event of events outside our control such as fire, extreme weather, natural disasters and related, we have the right to terminate the agreement without liability for compensation.
5.11. Tailor made arrangements. For customers who receive a tailor made plan just for themselves and their group, it is not possible to cancel the participation of on/more group members without the others in the group having to pay correspondingly more for their trip. Such a trip is based on a minimum number that the customer himself has stated and assumes that the total price is the same regardless of how many people actually go on the trip.

6. Cancellation, changes, and refunds for Kirkenes tours

6.1 The policy for cancellations, changes, and refunds for Kirkenes tours (day-experience and a one-night experience) is in working progress and will be announced when the tours are open to the public.

7. Omissions

7.1. If the customer believes that there is an error/deficiency with the trip, this must be taken up with Arctic Outlaws’ representative. If the error/deficiency is not rectified and you want to file a complaint, this must be done no later than four weeks after the trip has ended, it must be done in writing.

8. Covid-19

8.1. Arctic Outlaws focuses on holding safe trips and will follow the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s recommendations at all times.
8.2. If the authorities issue travel restrictions that make the trip impossible, what you have paid will be refunded, minus an administration fee of EUR 25,00. Arctic Outlaws is not responsible for covering costs for plane tickets or other costs in connection with travel to or from Kirkenes.