Arctic Outlaws

We are dedicated to helping visitors get safe, insightful, and unique ski expedition and winter camping experiences, with camaraderie, sharing, and fun as the driving force.

While on tour with us we demystify and make simple the essentials for you:

  • Dressing up to keep warm and comfortable
  • Back-country skiing while pulling a sled
  • Navigating the terrain
  • Pitching an expedition tent
  • Preparing meals using gas burner and melted snow
  • Sleeping comfortably in the arctic winter night​​​

Being on tour with us you are invited to be an active participant, and, having learned new skills, you will leave with a sense of proficiency wanting to explore further on your own.

No special equipment or prior knowledge to skiing needed.

“Our mission is to facilitate adventurous, fun, and unique ski expedition and winter camping tours in the spectacular great outdoors of Arctic Norway, where guests will be equipped with concrete tools and knowledge for further exploration.“


tour guide

Hello there:-)

I’m Esben, a Dane with a background in teaching, entrepreneurship, tourism and management. 

I have from an early age been passionate about adventurous activities and the great outdoors and have always been fascinated by the early explorers navigating their way through uncharted territories, wondering what they would find behind the next hill.

After living in Denmark, Zimbabwe, and Brazil, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work with arctic winter tourism – dogsledding, king crab safari, and snowmobile guiding – in Northern Norway, and I immediately felt a strong connection with both the area and the guiding role. 

With the arctic winter right at my doorstep, it was also natural for me to transition into arctic ski expedition traveling. Thus, I have over the past years systematically obtained a formal training background, supplying this with a Wilderness First Responder course, and solid personal experience in planning, preparing, and executing arctic ski expeditions. 

I enjoy ‘transporting’ myself instead of being transported, and I am drawn to simple living and environments where basic things that we normally take for granted – food, water, warmth, etc. – are scarce. It teaches me to stay humble and respectful to nature and people, and to appreciate life, and this is part of what I hope to convey to our guests.

More about us

How Arctic Outlaws started

Arctic Outlaws is an adventure company that was founded by the three friends and former Kirkenes Snowhotel colleagues Sii Brittan, Shannon Ford, and Esben Budolfsen.
The initial phase of setting up of the company coincided with the Covid pandemic, but finally, in 2022, a successful and comprehensive trial season – to test out trip concepts based on an in-depth market survey conducted in collaboration with Kreativ Industri – was carried out.
Arctic Outlaws welcomed its first official guests in early 2023.
Norway has great support programs for start-up companies, and Innovation Norway, Orinor, and Sør-Varanger Utvikling have all contributed graciously with invaluable sparring.